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Toronto’s Best  Personal Training

Finding exercise that is personalized and rewarding starts with a free consultation to discuss your fitness goals.

If you decide to move ahead, receive your first personal training session 50%-off (only $50). 

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What can you expect?

New to fitness? Returning from an injury? We meet you where you are.

Including identifying modifications that suit your body. We adapt exercises to you, so you never have to workout with pain.

We train at a safe intensity that is compatible with your busy life.

Explore modalities of exercise that are fun to do! Try new things and build your confidence with your trainer to guide you.

5-Star Google Reviews

Julia, 33

Working with Adrian has made fitness the most fun and accessible it has ever been for me! He meets you were you are, listens and is great at explaining things in a way you'll remember.

Sonal, 55

Recess is amazing! Gyms have always been super-intimidating to me, but Recess is such a warm and welcome place.... it's not all gym bros, but people of all kinds and levels. Adrian works with people from where they are to get stronger in a safe, pain-free way, and he's incredibly encouraging.

Jake, 33

I can't say enough good things about this place! I've been training here for a several months now and have absolutely loved my experience. I've been so happy with the tailoring of my training: moving from rehab into very specific and personalized work to strengthen and develop for soccer.

Let's Start The Conversation

Let's discuss your goals & see if we're a good fit for the next step of your fitness journey!

Request Free Consultation


Start the conversation with a free consultation. Get 50% off your first session.


We make personal training affordable.


After your complimentary consultation, take advantage of a solo training session at 50% off to experience what we offer firsthand.

Should you wish to continue, our personal training sessions are available in convenient packs of 5.

Enjoy the simplicity: we have no start-up fees, contracts, or prolonged commitments.

We make fitness approachable and uncomplicated.

Whether you’re new to fitness or returning after a break, we meet you where you are in your fitness journey.

This means we will find exercise that you enjoy, make modifications to an exercise to suit your body, and adapt intensity to achieve your goals.

Bottom Line: Your fitness journey is different from everyone else’s  — which is perfect because we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all.

We believe in finding enjoyable exercises that you genuinely enjoy, making it easier for you to stick with your fitness routine.

Our priority is ensuring that you feel energized and ready to tackle everyday activities like walking your dog and taking your kids to school after each workout.

We understand that fitness may not be your primary hobby, but we know it empowers you to live your best life.

We offer flexibility in your training schedule to accommodate your busy life because we understand the demands and responsibilities you face.

At Recess Fit Club, our trainers bring a wide range of expertise, education, and training, including:

  • Beginner-fitness
  • Bodyweight exercise
  • Barbell & kettlebell skills
  • Training for flexibility & mobility
  • Kinesiology
  • Strength training post-physiotherapy
  • Pre-natal & post-natal fitness
  • Seniors fitness


Most importantly, our trainers are super empathetic and have years of practical experience helping real people who are recovering from an injury and who struggle with sticking to a routine, to name a few examples.

You’ll feel understood and supported throughout your fitness journey with us!

We have walked into gyms before and felt intimidated, unwelcomed, or unsafe. 

At Recess Fit Club we have very intentionally created a culture that is both inclusive and approachable.

Some great ways we do this:

  • We have non-gendered washrooms and changing spaces.
  • We do not permit any yelling or aggressive language.
  • We will always ask for consent prior to touching you (for the purposes of form correction).


We know that you’re going to love training in our gym, and working out with us is going to be a highlight of your day.

(But don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials.)


We're the right fit for each other if...

You want to learn how to exercise safely & effectively

  • Find compatible exercises and the right intensity for your body.
  • Learn technique and prevent injury.

You want to Build Momentum

  • Set appropriate goals.
  • Create a routine that suits your lifestyle.

You are ready to create a sustainable fitness habit

  • Build confidence in the gym.
  • Get support and accountability.

You're looking for A Trainer Who Understands You

  • We’re experts in beginner-fitness and those returning to fitness after a break.
  • Our focus fitness to empower your quality of life.


What our clients say about us.

Discover the remarkable experiences of our personal training clients, pulled straight from our reviews on Google.

I can't say enough good things about this place! Whether you're working on rehab, looking for tailored workouts for a specific sport or activity, or just looking to get started, Recess is an amazing choice. I've been training here for a several months now and have absolutely loved my experience. I was recovering from a few surgeries and looking to both rehabilitate and prepare for an upcoming soccer season.
Jake, 33
Brand Manager
Only have amazing things to say about Adrian. He is extremely thorough and detailed about everything I wanted to work on and made workouts that directly addressed my goals.
Michelle, 30
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Try. This. Gym. I’ve been working out with Adrian for about eight months and I am so happy with my improved functional fitness and weight loss. He adapted our approach as I’ve dealt with minor injuries and a major health scare. He is a realistic, patient, and passionate teacher.
Keith, 48
Sales Director
I started personal training (2x week) with Adrian in December 2022. Now 4 short months later I feel stronger, and ready to embark on a more active lifestyle in spring. I’m very grateful for his expertise, guidance and positive energy.
Christina, 58


653 Bloor Street West (Bloor & Manning)

Build Strength No Matter Your Starting Point

Beginner-Friendly Personal Training at Recess Fit Club

Get started with a free consultation. Get 50% off your first session.

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