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About Recess Fit Club

A different sort of fitness experience

We bring joy to the gym experience and make exploring strength and movement feel good.

We use appropriate fitness modalities to suit your body and your goals because there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We’ll show you how to exercise without pain.

Fitness is a lifelong journey and we’re in it with you for the long haul. Creating deep and personal connections in a fun community will have you looking forward to your next visit.

About the space

Our vibrant open-concept gym accommodates personal training and small group fitness classes. You won’t feel crowded in our space, and you won’t find any gimmicky equipment.

Our training equipment includes: 

We are committed to making this space welcome to every body.

Our facility includes:

We take our health seriously, and adhere to thorough cleaning protocols and best practices.


Meet Adrian

Adrian’s (he/him) fitness journey began later in life. At 40, he decided to leave the office behind to become a full time personal trainer with a focus on pain-free exercise. He quickly discovered a passion for helping others achieve their lifestyle goals.

Adrian has spent the past 10 years honing his craft and exploring everything from kickboxing, HIIT cardio and weightlifting to kettlebell sports and mobility work. He specialises in group fitness and personal training for those new or returning to exercise. 

Adrian is especially proud of his accomplishments from 2020 to 2022 through the pandemic. He went from training clients in backyards, alleys and in the park to creating a small studio in a 300 square foot facility in the historic Artscape building on Shaw street. Having out-grown the space, Adrian launched Recess Fit Club in Oct 2022. 

Age : 45 Years old

Experience : 10 Years

Chief Exercise Office (CEO)


Meet Millie

As our resident operations manager (and gym muralist!), Millie (she/her) is the mastermind behind our client experience. She exited the corporate world in 2022 to bring Recess Fit Cub to life.

Millie is driven by how exercise has empowered her to feel good in her body, be independent, and to find community. 

She brings the enthusiasm for creating an energizing environment and welcoming vibe. Millie makes sure that we live up to our mission of helping everyone make fitness a meaningful and positive part of life.

When she’s not finding new ways to make Recess even more awesome, Millie (a life-long horticulturist) can probably be found tending to the many gym plants.

Age : How dare you?

Experience : Yes

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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