Co-Working Gym Space for Personal Trainers

For Personal Trainers looking to create an amazing client-experience. 

Affordable hourly flat rate.

Book by hour a-la-carte. No contracts or commitments.

Never crowded. Maximum 4-personal trainers sharing the space.

An Unintimidating Gym Space in the Heart of Christie Pits

Located steps from Christie Subway station, Recess Fit Club is easily accessible by transit, bike or car. Ample Green P parking and a highly visible retail-front location that’s easy for client’s to find.

We provide a clean, well-maintained and equipped space to bring your personal training clients.

Learn about our equipment here.

We're a good fit for you if

  • You’re looking for a safe, friendly gym environment that is designed with fitness beginners in mind.
  • You’re comfortable sharing a space with up to 3 other personal trainers, and occasionally, small group classes.
How does it work?

Flexible Facility Booking

Purchase Facility Credits

Purchase credits for $20/hour + HST. Credits never expire.

Register Online to Reserve Your Spot

Book at least 10-hours in advance to reserve your space. Bring up to 2 clients in a single facility rental.

Flexible Booking & Cancellation Windows

Life happens, schedules change. Cancel or reschedule within 2-hours to receive your credit back. Easily manage your reservations online or through the xplor studio app.


Min. 10-Hours in Advance.

You are able to make reservations weeks in advance, if you’d like.

Cancel or reschedule 2+ hours in advance to have your credit refunded.

You can train up to 2 clients in a single facility rental. We book by “squat rack” (even though of course you don’t need to use it).

  • For 1-2 clients you would rent a single squat rack
  • For 3-4 clients you must book 2 squat racks
  • For 5-6 clients, 3 squat racks
  • For 7+ clients, you would rent all four squat racks (and have the gym to yourself!)

Yes, we do. Best to chat with us more to work out the details.

Yes, we have a few black out periods when we host classes that require the squat racks and/or full gym space.

This is reflected in our booking system, so you won’t be able to book at a blocked out time.

Typical black out periods:

  • Most weekdays 6PM
  • Some weekdays 7PM
  • Some weekdays 11AM
  • Saturdays 10AM and 11AM

Yes, you will be required to provide proof of insurance for liability up to $2M (Certificate of Insurance) plus a copy of your personal training certificate prior to training your clients.

We also require first aid training.

Yes, provided it is during the time the gym is open.

If you want to show a piece of equipment or quickly demonstrate a movement (5 minutes or less) then you do not need to book a squat rack provided this is not happening during a black out time.

If you are doing an assessment (mobility, FMS, etc), then you do need to book a squat rack.

Yes, provided you clean up after yourself and that odors are not offensive to others.

As long as we do not have to open the gym for you and as long as there is no disruption to existing clients, it is free to exercise in the space.

Ready to tour Recess Fit Club?

Complete our contact form to get in touch for a private tour of the space.

Interested in work opportunities? Check out our opportunities page.

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