How the ABC Structure Works & Why It Enhances Consistency

We offer group fitness classes 7 days/week, and we divide the week into three letter groups.

Monday & Tuesday are As. Wednesday & Thursday are Bs, and Friday, Saturday & Sunday are Cs.

Group fitness class schedule displayed in a weekly calendar view.

Classes from the same letter group target the same key muscle groups. So take any A and you’ll engage that muscle group!

For example,
  • Get Stronger A class includes a stiff legged deadlift, and
  • Strong & Sweaty A class includes a traditional deadlift.
You see? Two flavours, but same benefits to your buns.
All you have to do is choose the group fitness class style you prefer! (They’re all beginner-friendly!)
Seize the flexibility to attend any class with the same letter and rest assured, with consistency you will see measurable progress in building strength. We provide you with a notebook so you can record your progress and see for yourself!

All Classes Equally Mighty (And None Are Superior).

These letters don’t discriminate!

Every A, B, or C class delivers balanced upper and lower body exercises. This ensures that no single letter is better than another, and every class stands on its own for big-benefits.

Our goal in every class is to exercise at an intensity & volume that is appropriate to building muscle without putting ourselves at risk of injury or unnecessarily soreness.

Why A Once-a-Week Routine Still Delivers Impact.

Each class is a full-body workout in its own right.

So, even if your week allows just one session, you’re still making significant strides in your fitness journey when you attend consistently, especially when paired with other activities (such as cycling, walking, or yoga).

We understand that exercising once a week makes the most sense for your life (and busy schedule), that’s why our group fitness class credits are available in packs that never expire, so you can use them at your own pace.

Why Schedule Flexibility Wins! And Why Attending Any 2x Classes Weekly is Sufficient.

With classes morning, midday and evening (and weekends) you’re sure to find classes that fit with your busy schedule.

Group fitness class schedule displayed in a weekly calendar view with two morning class days circled.

Attending any two letters from the ABC curriculum will give you a complete weekly fitness regimen. (No, you don’t need to work out 4x/week to get stronger.)

Bottom Line:

Whether you combine an A & a B class on a Monday and Wednesday, a B class with a C on Thursday & Sunday, or another combination, you’re assured of a comprehensive strength training program that will help you achieve your goals.

Like anything, consistency is critical to building strength.

Why We Introduced the ABC System In The First Place & How It Elevates Your 3X Weekly Experience.

We crafted the ABC Structure to empower our regulars who do like working out 3x/week.

When you workout with a higher frequency, you need enough flexibility in what exercises you do in that routine that you can make progress without facing repetitive use strains.

For example, most people find doing squats 3x/week a real grind. Adequate recovery can be difficult (if not impossible) with such a high frequency.

We’ve constructed our group fitness class curriculum with a diverse set of exercises.

So, if you’re attending 3x/week, you’re going to complete a strength training (without repeats) that still prioritizes rest and recovery.

And if you usually come 2x/week and want to squeeze another class in, you’ll get some fresh exposure to some new moves.

Get ready to get stronger!

Ultimately, we designed this new structure to empower you, no matter if you attend 1, 2, or 3 times a week.

The ABC class structure empowers everyone with:

So if you identify as someone who:

You can feel confident knowing that we’ve taken the guesswork out of your weekly fitness routine. We’ll guide you through learning the movements, building consistency, and getting stronger.

What are you waiting for?

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