Toronto Semi-Private Small Group Training

Get a personal trainer for you and your friends.

Train as a team, triumph as individuals. Get social time and a workout, all in one.

Top 4 Benefits When You Train Together

Combine Social Time & Self-Care Time

Catch up with friends in your weekly workout.

Tailored Training With Shared Savings

Enjoy an exclusive program for your squad and split the cost of a private trainer.

Train At Your Preferred Time

Forget the constraints of fixed class times. Schedule your workouts to a time that fits your group's busy schedules.

Collective Motivation & Accountability

Ignite your group's drive and keep each other on track with shared goals and communal support.

Skill-Building with Friends

Learn new exercise skills, such as barbell techniques, in a supportive environment.

Group fitness friends holding dumbbells' at the gym.


Affordable Private Group Training

$30/Session Per Person

Uncomplicated pricing, with no contracts or long term commitments.

Your Group Will Receive:


Ready to make your fitness routine the best part of your day — with friends in tow?

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