About the Lifting Fundamentals Course

For all the people who have no idea where to start, we made this course for you.

New to the world of weight lifting?

Our program is crafted especially for beginners who want to:

Feel empowered at the gym

Get personalized cues and modifications for your body.

Get familiar with barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells.

Have fun!

What You'll Experience

  • Personalized Attention: Classes are capped at 10 participants, ensuring you’ll receive one-on-one time with a certified personal trainer.

  • An Inclusive Environment: Our priority is providing a non-judgmental and welcoming space where every individual can feel comfortable learning.

  • Modern Facilities: Designed for your ease and convenience, our venue is equipped with gender-neutral bathrooms and changerooms.

  • Boosted Confidence: Graduates leave with the confidence to perform fundamental lifts effectively and how to use equipment safely.

Class Choices Tailored for You

  • Lifting Fundamentals for Everyone: Catering to everyone, this class guarantees the same quality of instruction, ensuring all participants are equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed.
  • Queer Lifting Fundamentals: Exclusively for those in the self-identified Queer Community, this queer-led class ensures you feel represented, connected, and fully understood.


  • This 5 week course is $150 + HST

Find the right course for you

Course Dates

Lifting Fundamentals for Everyone

On pause! Get yourself on that waitlist!

  • Thursdays at 7PM with Adrian
    • October 26 through November 23
  • Sundays at 2PM with Emma
    • October 22 through November 19

Queer Lifting Fundamentals

  • Thursdays at 7PM with Amanda
    • January 11 through February 8

Queer Work Out Club

Do you already have some experience weight lifting? Join the workout club! 

  • Wednesdays at 8PM with Amanda
    • January 3 through January 31

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Meet Your Instructors

Amanda McQueen (All Pronouns)

Amanda is a queer personal trainer with a passion for making every body feel both cared for & confident. They are fiercely protective of anyone who’s ever been told they don’t belong in the fitness world. (You do.) They will encourage you to be kind to yourself, and will hold space for you so you can come as you are and have a great workout.

A comedian by night, Amanda loves to keep a sense of play when training. They have a background in weightlifting, calisthenics, mobility work, & running & adaptive programming for pain, pre & post natal, senior populations, mental health barriers & neurodivergence.

Amanda is a CanFitPro-certified Personal Trainer & Pn1 Nutrition Coach.

Adrian Nicola (He/Him)

Adrian’s fitness super power is empowering people to make fitness a healthy part of their lives.

He believes in meeting people where they are and finding modifications to ensure movement is pain-free.

Adrian is a NASM-certified trainer specializing in:

  • Beginner general health and fitness
  • Beginner and Intermediate Mobility
  • Beginner and Intermediate Strength Training
  • Healthy Eating Guidance
Adrian Nicola group fitness instructor and personal trainer headshot

Emma Bellingan (She/Her)

Emma believes that fitness extends beyond aesthetic changes, encompassing mental well-being, bone strength, heart health, & enhanced balance as we age.

She combines strength training and Pilates to cultivate strong and resilient bodies for her clients.

Emma is deeply passionate about the transformative power of movement and its integration into everyday life.

Her credentials include:

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Body Harmonics Pilates Level 1: Mat
  • DTS Level 1
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