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Personal Training After Illness

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Discover a supportive environment for enhancing your health and vitality, whether you’re recovering from an illness or managing a chronic condition.

Navigating the return to physical activity can be complex and intimidating. Whether dealing with a chronic condition or recovering from an acute illness, the journey back to feeling strong and capable is rarely straightforward. Our trainers are dedicated to understanding these nuances and supporting you through the highs and lows.

Our clients, facing similar challenges, have found not just recovery but also a new appreciation for what their bodies can achieve.

Health conditions that our clients have faced:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes (Type 1 & 2)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Stroke Recovery
  • Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure
  • Arthritis

Our Approach

How We Empower Your Recovery

Begin with Understanding: A Comprehensive Consultation

No two illnesses are alike. That's why we take the time to listen to your concerns, assess your unique needs, and tailor our approach. 

Adaptive Exercise Routines

Your daily condition can vary, and so will our approach. We adjust exercise intensity and type based on how you feel each day, ensuring a responsive program that accommodates ups and downs.

Strengthening Your Foundation

We focus on building stability and strength at a pace that feels right for you, helping you regain confidence in your body’s abilities and a sense of control over your recovery.

Empowering You Through Education

Our trainers provide ongoing education on techniques and strategies tailored to your condition, empowering you with the knowledge to safely continue your journey.

A Partner in Health

We are committed to being your long-term health partner, adapting our support as your needs evolve throughout your fitness journey.

what to expect

Gradual Progress for Lasting Results

For someone who trains twice weekly. 

After Week 1

Begin a gentle introduction to exercise tailored to your current state, sparking your journey towards better health.

Within 2-3 Weeks

Establish a routine that integrates seamlessly with your lifestyle, optimizing the benefits of physical activity without overextension.

Within 2-3 Months

See tangible improvements in your daily life, from enhanced mobility to a growing sense of self-reliance.

By Month 6

Develop a sustainable relationship with fitness, significantly enriching your quality of life and contributing to ongoing health management.

Check out Blaine’s journey back to fitness after cancer.

client success story

Blaine's return to movement after cancer.

Personal training client with his trainer

Blaine (left) pictured with his personal trainer, Adrian (right).

Blaine’s goal was to regain his strength and energy.

Blaine approached us for training shortly after being cleared for exercise. He had undergone a bone marrow transplant to treat leukemia and was managing graft-versus-host disease. This condition made it crucial to tailor exercise intensity to avoid exacerbating ongoing symptoms. 

Our priority was to enhance Blaine’s physical strength and stamina without overloading his immune system or causing undue stress on his body. 

This approach ensured that each workout supported his recovery and overall health, helping him regain functionality and quality of life gradually and safely.

Milestone 1: Within the first month, we developed a routine that respected his body’s current limits while fostering gradual progress.

We monitored how Blaine felt during and after workouts, adjusting the intensity and complexity of exercises. From basic hip thrusts lying on his back, we progressed to more challenging movements like supported squats.

Milestone 2: By the third month, Blaine experienced notable strength gains. He found daily activities like climbing stairs and riding his bike more manageable and enjoyable.

Throughout his journey, our training sessions were a dialogue—constantly adapting and responding to Blaine’s feedback. This personalized approach helped him not only regain physical capabilities but also contributed to better stress-management that contributed to a return to work with confidence.

Blaine’s experience illustrates how personalized and responsive training can help navigate the complexities of recovering from serious illness, supporting not just physical but overall well-being.


  • Enhanced energy to perform daily activities.
  • Significant increases in overall strength.
  • Renewed resilience.


Let's build a pathway towards renewed strength

The first step is a consultation to go in-depth over your goals, so we can begin crafting a plan. Enjoy 50% off your first session.

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More questions? We have answers!

Physical activity helps rebuild strength, enhance mobility, and can improve overall mental well-being. It is crucial for regaining functionality and managing symptoms effectively during and after illness.

Physical activity is tailored to your current health status, focusing on gentle, low-impact exercises that gradually increase in intensity based on your recovery and daily energy levels.

It's safe to start personal training once your doctor has cleared you for physical activity. A professional trainer will further tailor your program to be consistent with your medical advice and current health status.

The main priority of your trainer will be finding the appropriate intensity for you.

Initially, training twice a week with a personal trainer is a good start to ensure proper recovery and progression. The frequency can be adjusted based on how well you recover from each session, and in context with how your illness might be impacting you.

Supplementing personal training sessions with low-intensity activities like walking or cycling can further enhance your recovery and help maintain overall fitness.

Your trainer will work with you to help plan your week of fitness, so that it makes sense and is sustainable.

Our personal training packages are flexible. We're happy to offer your first session at 50% off.

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