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Build Strength and Confidence with Our Toronto-Based Workout Classes

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Strength Training Classes

Lift weights with technique to build strength.

Cardio Circuit Classes

Challenge your core and cardiovascular endurance.

Combo Classes

Get it all - classes that combine strength training & cardio.
Three people doing a barbell squat exercise in a group fitness class.

Get Stronger

Our most popular class is a beginner’s dream!

This weightlifting class is designed to build strength safely.  

You’ll receive detailed instruction on form and technique, and guidance on finding the appropriate level of intensity for you.

This class is 100% beginner-friendly with variations to every exercise to suit your ability and comfort level.

In 6 weeks you will become confident in the exercises, tune your technique, and start building strength sustainably. What’s not to love?

Strength Training Classes in Toronto for All Levels

Three people doing a barbell squat exercise in a group fitness class.
Group fitness class doing different exercises in a bright and colourful gym.

Get Sweaty

A faster-paced but medium intensity circuit class that is aptly named!

Challenge your cardio endurance with a variety of exercises performed in a circuit. 

We’ll teach you how to challenge yourself appropriately, and we provide lots of modifications to dial the difficulty to what works best for you.

Explore functional exercises that work your upper body, lower body & core.

In 6 weeks you will build greater cardio endurance to exercise through the whole working time, and into the class bonus seconds. You’ll also be able to increase the number of reps per exercise.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Circuit

Group fitness class doing different exercises in a bright and colourful gym.
Group fitness class - split squat. Four women performing a split squat smilling.

Strong & Sweaty

Get the best of both worlds with strength training portion followed by a mini circuit to bring up your heart rate.

Strong & Sweaty combines strength training before switching to a circuit! 

The Strong portion involves a slower-paced lifting session, focusing on lifting heavy with lots of rest in between sets.  This portion has a specific curriculum – expect to see your strength increase with consistency over several weeks.

The Sweaty part of class involves a conditioning circuit to challenge your endurance! Variations are provided for each exercise.

In 6 weeks you will be chasing streetcars down with ease! You’ll benefit from both the challenge of strength training to build muscle, and improve your cardiovascular endurance.


Group fitness class - split squat. Four women performing a split squat smilling.
Group fitness class doing different exercises in a bright and colourful gym.

Strong & Flexible Class

Build strength through a full range of motion.

Strong & Flexible is dedicated to improving your flexibility and mobility. We focus on the same movement patterns from the Get Stronger classes and add some stretches and movement flows that help to make you more limber and flexible.

In 6 weeks you will have improved mobility and muscular balance.


Group fitness class performing a mobility exercise in a bright gym

What Makes These Exercise Classes Stand Out?


Small Class Sizes

Expert Instruction on Technique & Form

Welcoming Community Atmosphere

Easy Online Booking & Flexible Rescheduling

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Group Fitness Class FAQ

No, you do not need any exercise or strength training experience to workout at Recess Fit Club.

Our specialty is empowering individuals who are beginners in fitness or returning to fitness after a break.

We'll teach you technique so you can exercise safely and effectively. We'll show you how to use the equipment, and provide options to you based on your level of fitness and comfort level.

Every body is welcome at Recess Fit Club.

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From your account you can purchase a solo class credit.

Redeem that class credit by booking into any class in our schedule.

Reserve your spot in class ahead of time. Our classes are small, and reservations are required.

Don't worry! We have flexible cancellation policies because we know your life is a busy one! 

If the class is full, you can put yourself on a waitlist and get added automatically when a space becomes free.

View the complete group fitness class schedule.

You can cancel up to 2-hours prior to the start of class to receive your credit back.

We designed it this way because we understand that life happens. 

Easily manage your reservations directly through your account profile here.

We offer your first class for $8 when you sign up to receive our discount code. 

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