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Personal Training for Strength

Build Your Strength for a Healthier Tomorrow

Start feeling strong in your body. Receive your first session for only $50.


Get started today and get your first session for $50!

Make progress you didn’t think was possible. 

We understand your bottom line: to feel confident in your body and to possess the strength to thrive in your busy life.

Training should be encouraging and accessible. Let us guide you towards strength safely & sustainably.

Success looks different to every body, but here’s some past client accomplishments:

  • Improved overall stability and body-confidence
  • Achieving their first-ever barbell squat
  • Lifting double their bodyweight
Person doing a deadlift with a hex barbell

What does success look like to you? Reach out and let’s start the conversation.


Why Strength Training

Strength training goes beyond lengthening our lifespan – it extends our quality of life.

Understanding the role of strength and bone density as you age.

As you age, maintaining muscle density and bone strength becomes crucial not only for your health but for staying strong, capable and energetic.

Did you know what 30-60 minutes of strength training/week can achieve? Studies have demonstrated that it lowers risk and mortality of major non-communicable diseases by as much as 20%. Read about this meta-analysis here. These benefits can be achieved as quickly as 3-6 months by training only once or twice each week.

Going beyond cardio to build true strength.

Many turn to cardio for fitness, but to truly feel and look strong, a well-rounded strength training regime is essential. If you’ve been diligently doing cardio without seeing the desired results in strength and body composition, it’s time to rethink your approach.

Researchers have found that a well-rounded exercise program, including both strength and aerobic exercise, was the most effective intervention to combat sarcopenia (age-related progressive loss of muscle mass and strength).

what to expect

The Path to Sustainable strength

Our Strategic Approach

Comprehensive Consultation

We kick off with a deep understanding of your personal fitness goals, health status, and lifestyle to ensure your plan is customized perfectly for you.

Customized Plan Creation

We start with foundational exercises that are safe and effective, designed to build confidence and progressively challenge you as you improve.

Progression and Adaptation

We're committed to adapting your training as needed, ensuring it continues to meet your needs and helps you overcome any challenges.

Training Outcomes

For someone who trains twice weekly. 

By Week 1 - Immediate Comfort and Confidence

Begin your training with exercises specifically chosen to align with your goals, ensuring you feel confident and properly challenged from the start.

By Month 1 - Noticeable Progress

See clear improvements in strength and fitness within the first month, reinforcing your commitment and boosting your motivation.

By Month 3 - Significant Strength Gains

By the third month, you will be performing at levels that may have seemed unattainable at the start, showcasing significant strength gains and enhanced physical health.


Take the next step in your strength story

Start crafting a plan to build strength safely and sustainably. Enjoy your first session for only $50.

Yes, you can contact me at this number.

More questions? We have answers!

A personal trainer designs exercise routines to target your unique fitness objectives, ensuring that each workout efficiently contributes to your specific goals. This personalized approach maximizes the effectiveness of your sessions, helping you achieve better results faster while reducing the risk of injury.

Ideally, engaging in personal training sessions twice a week provides a good balance between workout intensity and recovery time. This frequency allows for sustained progress under the guidance of your personal trainer, who can adjust your program as you improve, ensuring that your fitness journey is both effective and manageable.

Your program is adaptable.

Sometimes you're drained by an intense work project, or you're recovering from the flu, or you're adapting to a new school schedule for your child. 

We remain flexible to adapt how you train to ensure you still benefit while ensuring we accommodate whatever life throws your way.

We're prepared for ups and downs, but we're here to  keep the momentum up and help you stay motivated throughout your fitness journey.

Strength training primarily focuses on challenging your muscles and bones, which encourages the body to increase muscle mass and enhance bone density. As your body adapts to the increasing demands, the intensity of exercises is increased to promote further physical improvements. While strength training prioritizes muscle and bone development, it still supports maintaining a healthy range of motion. Although different in focus, strength training complements Pilates and Yoga.

Building muscle mass and enhancing bone density are crucial for overall health and longevity. Personal training helps by incorporating strength training exercises that are specifically designed to improve muscle and bone health, thereby reducing the risk of injury and age-related diseases such as osteoporosis. Your personal trainer will ensure that these exercises are performed correctly and effectively, tailoring them to your body’s needs.

Our personal training packages are flexible. We're happy to offer your first session at 50% off.

Explore our offering of personal training packages and our intro offer right here.

Woman doing a barbell squat in a bright gym

Personal Training FAQ

Custom routines target your specific goals, ensuring that you gain strength efficiently and safely, without the risks associated with generic training programs.

Personal training is a great for individuals who:

  • Are not sure how to get started
  • Want accountability
  • Want help refining their goals
  • Are stuck and need to troubleshoot
  • Have health concerns and are looking for exercise that is compatible
  • An emphasis in understanding your ‘why’, your goals, and your unique needs
  • Honest advice, grounded in exercise science and years of training experience
  • A welcoming, safe atmosphere
  • An uncrowded training space

Our focus is on strength training which is the safe use of weights and resistance to stimulate your body to get stronger and protect your bones, and joints.

The Personal Trainers at Recess Fit Club have diverse specializations including:

  • Beginner fitness
  • Barbell and kettlebell skills
  • Bodyweight exercise
  • Flexibility and Mobility training
  • Kinesiology
  • Prenatal and postnatal fitness
  • Youth fitness including sports-specific training
  • Seniors fitness

Our trainers have diverse specializations, including

  • Gradual return to exercise
  • Accommodating prior injuries or mobility challenges
  • Detailed exercise instruction
  • Helping you plan a fitness routine in the context with your other exercise hobbies

Each session is $95.

Enjoy the simplicity: we have no start-up fees, contracts, or prolonged subscriptions. We ask for a commitment of 5-sessions after having your first session.

Fill out the form above to get 50% your first session when you complete a complimentary consultation.

It's important to be cleared for exercise by your doctor or medical health care providers.

When it comes to pre-existing injuries, our goal is to:

  • Find exercise that is compatible with your needs
  • Never ever work through pain; there is always a modification or alternative exercise available
  • Build strength safely and gradually by focusing on exercising at the right intensity and focusing on technique


Sharing any guidance from a physiotherapist or doctor is very helpful, so please share this with your personal trainer!

Sure! Fitness is better with friends!

You can train with an additional person for a $10 premium per session.


Affordable Personal Training


Uncomplicated pricing, with no contracts or long term commitments.

Start with a consultation to help us get to know you and to find a suitable trainer. Get 50% off your first session!

Meet over a call, or come in for a tour of our uncrowded, clean, and welcoming gym space.

Toronto Personal Training

Get one-on-one private training with a certified personal trainer to bring out the best in you. Feel strong, empowered and supported.

Personal Training to Help You

Get Stronger & Have More Energy

Build strength so you can enjoy life, feeling energized so that your day-to-day tasks feel trivial.

Find Compatible Exercise for Health Concerns

From bodyweight to barbell, your training plan is adapted to what you enjoy and is personalized to address any pre-existing injuries or concerns.

Develop A Routine You’ll Love

Build a weekly fitness regimen that makes sense for your life and budget.

Learn Technique to Prevent Injury

Get hands-on instruction to perform exercises safely and effectively and avoid risk of injury (or reinjury). 

Get Support & Accountability

Count on your Personal Trainer to be in your corner to motivate you and cheer you on through all your milestones. 

What You Can Expect From Your Private Trainer

Set Measurable Goals

Working with a personal trainer means setting goals you’re excited about.

Together, you’ll tweak these as you get fitter, keeping workouts fresh and in line with your progress.

Make Progress

We have the ability to continually adjust the intensity so that you’re always making progress.

Build Confidence In the Gym

Personal training boosts gym confidence by empowering you with skills and body awareness.  

Exercise Sustainably

Your Personal Trainer will craft workouts that build strength optimally, balancing exertion and recovery to prevent excessive soreness.

Get A Holistic Plan

You have a life outside of the gym, and you may have constraints around how often you can personal train.

We’re going to plan your week in fitness that is comprehensive with your other activities and commitments.

Read What Clients Are Saying About Recess Fit Club Personal Trainers

Sonal C.

Recess is amazing! Gyms have always been super-intimidating to me, but Recess is such a warm and welcome place.... it's not all gym bros, but people of all kinds and levels. Adrian works with people from where they are to get stronger in a safe, pain-free way, and he's incredibly encouraging. Take a class or try out their personal training, you won't regret it.

Jake B.

I can't say enough good things about this place! I've been training here for a several months now and have absolutely loved my experience. I've been so happy with the tailoring of my training: moving from rehab into very specific and personalized work to strengthen and develop for soccer. Personal training is customized and thoughtful and the classes are small and super accessible, providing the perfect balance between personalized workouts and group motivation. I've been attending both as I find them to complement each other really well. Give this place a try!

Personal Training Prices

We do not complicate training with contracts or long-term commitments. Start with a consultation to help us get to know you and to find a suitable trainer.

Each session is $100+HST and you can train with an additional person for $10 more.

We understand your needs

Trainers with Diverse Specializations

We have experience with

Making fitness a meaningful part of life after cancer was both necessary for me and intimidating to approach alone. My fitness experience with personal training has been nothing but positive - being adaptive, knowing when to push and knowing when to take it easy is one of Adrian's greatest strengths. Today, I am strong!

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