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How to Start a Fitness Routine After a Break

Finding Your Fitness Footing Again

Reasons for Changes to Our Fitness Habits: Life!

Throughout life, various milestones can create pauses in our fitness journeys. Perhaps it was the arrival of a baby, the start of a demanding job, or time away to recover from an injury. While these significant life events are monumental and require our attention, they can also lead us astray from our health and fitness routines. However, the beauty lies in our ability to restart and recommit to our well-being at any stage. It’s never too late to lace up those sneakers again.

Perhaps that baby is in daycare now, or you’ve finished your physio for that injury, or your youngest has just moved out to university. Whatever your reason, seize the day and follow this guide to take the first steps to get back to fitness. 

Benefits to Regular Exercise, and Motivations to Get Back to It

We all know that exercise is essential for improving our health and overall quality of life. Strength training regularly plays a crucial role in enhancing metabolic rate, improving bone density, and boosting one’s overall mood. Especially as we age, maintaining muscle mass becomes essential for daily functional tasks and long-term health. 

No doubt we’re all convinced it’s the right thing to do – but how do we get back at it safely and successfully?

Understanding the Mental Challenge of Returning 

Regardless of the reasons for the break, diving back into a fitness routine might be accompanied by resistance and doubt. Questions may arise around time constraints, potential injuries, or even past lapses in consistency. Recognizing and addressing these internal challenges is your first victory toward resuming your fitness voyage.

Setting Your Mind Up For Success Starts With Self-Compassion

Restarting fitness is a dance between determination and kindness towards oneself. Remember, every individual’s fitness is unique. It’s counterproductive to gauge progress based on others or by past standards.

How to Tackle Negative Self-Talk

If you find there is a lot of negative self-talk around starting a new routine, start by taking yourself out for a “coffee date”. In a quiet café, sipping your favourite brew, reflect on your journey. How would you counsel a dear friend who’s been through similar challenges? Speak to yourself with that same kindness and understanding. Recall the times you overcame obstacles and remind yourself of the strength that lies within. This mental and emotional check-in can be the soothing balm you need to persevere.

Keep a token of self-compassion in your gym bag from now on. And remember that you’re an amazing being for focusing on taking care of yourself, in any dose.

Assess What Kind of Training You Need, Right Now, In the Body You’re In

Before diving back into the world of fitness, it’s vital to ensure your routine aligns with your current physical and emotional state. Here are some reflective questions to guide you:

  • Accommodating Physical Changes: If you’ve had a shoulder surgery or any other medical procedure, does your routine take into account your current range of motion limitations?
  • Accounting for Age: As we grow older, our bodies naturally need more recovery time. Does your routine include sufficient rest to cater to your body’s changing needs?
  • Minimising Risk: Ensuring safety should always be a priority. Does your plan minimise the risk of potential injuries?
  • Aligning with Your Current Fitness Goals: Think practically about what you want to get out of your routine. Perhaps your aspirations are no longer about major athletic feats, but about feeling strong and confident in your body. It might be about preparing for that serene hike on your upcoming vacation, harnessing the energy to match the pace of your lively teenagers, or simply walking into any room with an invigorated sense of self-assuredness. Does your routine support these objectives?

Tailor your workouts to the present version of you, not an outdated memory or perception. This mindfulness not only minimises the risk of injury but ensures your fitness journey aligns with your current life stage and goals.

Prioritise Finding Joy in Exercise:

This is the real, not-so-secret-way to find success in building a new fitness routine.

Life’s fleeting moments are too valuable to spend on activities that don’t ignite your passion. 

Write these down:

  1. Find exercise or activities that you both enjoy and empower you.

They exist, I promise. To find them, you’ll need to try new things. If you want to feel like a strong human that you really are, then consider learning how to deadlift! 

Small group fitness class exercising with barbells, deadlifting
  1. Find a community to support you.

Surround yourself with positive energies. A supportive community fosters motivation, accountability, a shared sense of purpose… and hopefully a lot of laughs!

We’re more likely to quit routines if we don’t like the activity or the setting that we do it with, so start strong with finding a community and activity that you actually like to do that meets your goals. The fitness world is your oyster!

Work out friends at the gym with their personal trainer

You’ve Got What It Takes

You have all the ingredients about where you are and where you’re doing, now it’s time to get support from a fitness expert to help chart your course.

This could mean either finding a personal trainer for 1:1 coaching or finding a fitness class (like Recess Fit Club’s Get Stronger Class) that provides hands-on instruction with expertise working with those who are new to strength training or returning to fitness after a break. 

Either way, a good instructor is going to provide you with:

  • Guidance with pacing including how to identify the right exercise intensity and frequency of your routine, ensuring you don’t overexert early on.
  • Customised exercises through modifications or alternative exercises to suit your body.
  • Detailed instruction that emphasises technique, and minimises the risk of injury.
  • Celebrating the wins! They should be your cheerleader, celebrating every milestone, no matter how small.

Approach this journey as a time for physical growth but also as a learning opportunity. The skills and knowledge you gain now, with the help of a dedicated professional, will serve as fitness pillars to support you throughout your life.

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Venturing back into the world of fitness after a break might feel overwhelming, but you’re not alone on this journey.

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The path to fitness is lined with exciting possibilities. Book your consultation or claim your class discount today. Let’s transform these possibilities into realities!

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